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Mojo Lure Company is an industry leader in the design and production of high performance weights for Bass fishing. Our selection of cylindrical sinkers, weights and other bass fishing tackle is specifically designed for fishing rock structure with less hang-ups, and we offer “Snag Less” systems for heavy cover areas!

Besides our very competitive pricing on lead sinkers and bass fishing weights, we offer….

Just one small shipping charge for any online order shipped inside the Contiguous US. That’s right, just $5.99 to your door (USPS Priority Mail) for any size online order.Do you demand a bottom sinker that has been specifically designed and developed for all your desired fishing needs no matter where you are fishing?

Do you demand a bottom sinker that has been specifically designed to pull through any bottom structure and cover, completely or dramatically eliminating noisome snags or time-consuming snags, which cause you to have to retie and rig continuously?

Do you demand a bottom sinker from a reputable company that has been in the industry for over two decades, who’s specialty is developing the most innovative, versatile, user-friendly and effective designed Bass sinker systems currently available in the industry today?

Do you demand a reputable company that offers a friendly and helpful customer service that backs its products 100% offering their customers complete customer and product satisfaction, including fast and reliable shipments?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, you need MOJO!

MOJO weights offers seven unique designs that will meet or exceed any bass anglers high standards, demands and expectations. The MOJO product line will make fishing more enjoyable, allowing more time fishing and less time rigging due to snags, they will allow you to fish bottom terrain where other sinkers don’t stand a chance and help you land more fish.

MOJO Lure Company sets themselves apart from the competitors with attention to details, every economy pack of MOJO weights or kit includes an informative 12 page foldout product catalog including user instructions, product information and illustrations. No more wondering how to use a new products.


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